What is Boudoir photography

The term boudoir is a French word that was referring to a lady’ s private quartier, next to her bedroom used by chic women.  There, at times, private intimate gatherings occurred… and so the term is now used for boudoir photography, where a woman will express herself in sensual or suggestive poses.

 Boudoir photography has become quite popular over the last few years, and while not long ago this style of photography was reserved for very risqué women, and even frowned upon, intimate photography is now being sought out for many special occasions.


 Why/when to shoot a boudoir session

 Brides to be / fiancé gift

Bachelorette boudoir party,

 Deployed loved one




 Body change / enhancement

 Celebrating beauty,  life and  yourself


 What to expect from your boudoir session

 Expect to be a little nervous, that will dissipate within the first 5 minutes

 Fun, expect to have fun, boudoir photography is liberating and empowering

 Huge boost of confidence and self esteem

 Comfortable professional setting

 Fully equipped photo studio

 Guidance with flattering poses and lighting

 Professional female photographer

 Many beautiful images from your boudoir photo shoot

 Stay within your comfort zone. Be as revealing or as modest as you choose

 Guaranteed privacy during your shoot and with your images. They will be shared only with your consent

 Intimate/personalized private experience

Ideas / style/ how to dress sexy for your intimate photo session

 Lingerie – victoria secret style


 Role play costumes

 His clothes: shirt/tie/jacket

 Accessories: feathers, hats, pearls

 High heels